'Moody' Leeds United boss Daniel Farke on his high demands and why he will not tolerate vanity and egos in his quest to turn the club around

DANIEL FARKE has warned his Leeds United players that he will not tolerate ‘vanity’ and egos as he bids to reshape the club in his own image and get the players ship-shape in a long, tough and demanding Championship season.

In his dealings with the press, the German comes across as a polite and considered individual, but he has stressed that he has a very hard edge and he has a clear message for any players who try to cross him.

The 46-year-old also makes no bones about being a tough taskmaster and demanding either.

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Rebuilding Leeds will take time and will improve the equivalent of blood, sweat and even a few tears. United start out their new Championship journey at home to Cardiff City on Sunday afternoon.

Leeds United manager Daniel Farke. Picture: Getty Images.Leeds United manager Daniel Farke. Picture: Getty Images.
Leeds United manager Daniel Farke. Picture: Getty Images.

Farke said: "I am not sure if I am always a positive person, you should see me in the dressing room to be honest.…

"I like to be honest and not sugar-coat about anything, especially in the dressing room.

"I don't like vanity, to be brutally honest. I can be tough on what we have to improve and our weaknesses. My demands are quite high.

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"You cannot win this league if you don't ask for the best and your demands and standards aren't quite high.

"If you would ask the lads, I hope they enjoy it a little bit, but also it is a lot of work, physical work.

"I get the feeling that professional footballers have to be unbelievably fit. To speak about football in tactical terms and have long meetings and work unbelievably hard is what I demand and ask.

"They are living a privileged life. It is not as if they are in for 90 minutes training and then back on the sofa. You have to work your socks off and if you want this privileged life, that's what you do.

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"Although I am confident and in a good mood and looking forward to the game, every week and day, there are things where I am a bit moody and want to improve things.

"But I also know it is step by step. In my experience as a young coach, I sometimes wanted to do it in two hours. I know it is not possible and it is a work in progress and will be this season."

The Championship will require a different mindset for Leeds players and Farke has also stressed that his players must tune in pretty quickly if they are to be successful - and get the Premier League out of their system. It is the equivalent of a million miles away, as it stands.

Farke, who led previous club Norwich City to two promotions, continued. "Once you have a season of relegation and the season before was not the easiest one, it is always difficult as you are getting used to losing games.

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"If you want to be successful at Championship level, winning has to become a habit. You have to get used to winning matches.

"In the Premier League, after a win, you might get one out of six or seven and it is extraordinary and you celebrate and are happy and everyone is over the moon.

"At Championship level, it's tick the box and focus on the next game and in three days, we have to win again. Winning has to become a habit and we have to change this mentality again. It's hard work.

"When you are used to playing against Man City, Liverpool, Man United and all the other top clubs in front of sold-out stadiums and everything is brilliant and spot on and the world is watching, then you have to get on a coach on a windy night in an away game and the pitch is horrible in December and then deliver.

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"This is the task and demand and what we have to do to be successful. When the sun is shining, everyone can be successful...The real character and if you have a winning mentality, this is shown when the circumstances are tough., This is what we have to create.

"You have to forget the world you were in and focus on where you are right now. It is never easy and I have been in this chair before in a quite similar situation.

"It's hard work, but I have to praise the lads. My feeling is they are smart and accepting of their situation so far. But we don't have to prove it in pre-season, but over the next 10 months."