Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder expresses relief with ownership issue set to be settled.

SHEFFIELD UNITED manager Chris Wilder admits that he is looking forward to the club being united off the pitch as well as on it ahead of the final decision regarding the club's ownership dispute at the start of next week.
Chris WilderChris Wilder
Chris Wilder

The verdict is scheduled to be delivered on Monday, with Mr Justice Fancourt, after three months of deliberation, set to give his ruling regarding the dispute between co-owners Kevin McCabe and Prince Abdullah, who each have a 50 per cent stake in the club.

The pair have been at loggerheads and pushing for sole control since December 2018.

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Speaking ahead of Saturday's home game with Southampton, Wilder said: "My job is to manage the football side of it.

"It has not been ideal, obviously. There will be a statement after Monday and other questions to be asked of me on Thursday (next Thursday). I am focusing on the football side of it.

"I should imagine both owners want it settled. It is disappointing it has come to this from their point of view. But we have coped with it (on the pitch) and not used it as an excuse.

"When I have asked to be backed, I have been. (But) for the club to move forward, it has to be united off the pitch and it needs to be settled."