Poya Asbaghi tells Barnsley FC they need to suffer better in games after 2-0 defeat at Sheffield United

Poya Asbaghi says Barnsley need to show the same resilience they do between games during them.

The Reds played very well for the first 55 minutes against Sheffield United but as soon as Sander Berge gave the visitors the lead, they took control. There was an inevitably about the second goal, which came from Morgan Gibbs-White.

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"When we started the second half I felt we were continuing like this for 10 minutes and then they get a free-kick.

SUFFERING: Poya Asbaghi was unhappy with Barnsley's performance when behind

"We knew already they were fast taking the free-kicks but still they were able to surprise us, which is of course really disappointing.

"The reaction after that is not what I was hoping for.

"Sheffield were suffering, they didn't have the game they were expecting. You could see that in the players and the confidence they have. You see they were a little bit surprised at the way Barnsley are dictating terms so when they score that goal a lot of confidence that was lost is now gained and with the help of the supporters they are going to be a better team.

"We needed to step up a lot but we were not able to do that. Instead we lost the ball a couple of times and they were closer to scoring and created.

"They scored the second goal as a result of that.

"After the goal is something we need to improve."

What added to Asbaghi's frustration is that Barnsley have shown this season they are not a soft touch when it comes to reacting to demoralising defeats. In January their hopes of avoiding relegation looked very slim but draws at home to Stoke City and Fulham and a win over Bristol City had revived their hopes before this game.

"What I said before I came in here is you're going to suffer in games, you have to be good at suffering," he said. "We are good when we're good but we have to improve the ability to be good when we are suffering.

"That's a part we need to develop.

"We have been good at suffering from game to game after losing games, we have ruled out (of staying in the Championship) by everybody and that part of suffering we have done that in an impressive way.

"But in each and every game when we're playing well and suddenly the opponents take over and have momentum for 15 minutes, as a team we have to be better at overcoming that.

"It's normal it's not your biggest strength when you are a young team but it's a must for us to develop because we're in a really difficult position in the league where we need to win enough games."