Sheffield derby: Road closures and how rival fans will be kept apart

RIVAL football fans approaching Bramall Lane for Sunday’s clash between Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United will be separated by a network of barriers outside the ground.

The aim is to try and prevent violence in the run-up to the League One clash by forcing opposing fans to approach the ground from different sides of the city.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: “There will be a significant number of police officers and club stewards on duty for this match.

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“This is for two reasons; firstly, police officers and stewards will be maximising the safety of those attending the match and, secondly, we want to promote the safety and rights of people locally by minimising disruption.

“Access to certain areas may be restricted at certain stages of the day for public safety reasons.

“Because of previous rivalry between the two clubs, and the expected high numbers of people attending this fixture, there will be barriers, restricting access to some roads during the lead up to and after the match.

“These barriers will be there to help us to maximise the safety of people attending the game.

“The overall object of this plan is to prevent large numbers of home and away supporters coming into direct contact in the confined area at Bramall Lane.”

Those supporters with walking difficulties and those with small children have been advised to remain in their seats for 15 minutes after the end of the game, to “allow congestion on the roads around the grounds to ease.”

The police spokesman added: “We appreciate this may cause some minor disruption for a short time, particularly to Sheffield United supporters, who will be required to make some detours from their usual approach to the ground.”

Owls fans are being advised to approach the stadium from the St Mary’s Gate end of Bramall Lane, which will be closed off to Blades supporters. Areas around the away stand will be restricted to Wednesday fans only.