Watch - Sheffield United’s Chris Basham says players happy to lend helping hand to less fortunate clubs

Chris Basham says there is a will from England’s top footballers to help clubs and players struggling to survive the coronavirus suspension, but he wants others to take the initiative.

The centre-back is plying his trade with Sheffield United in the world’s most lucrative domestic football league but like many at Bramall Lane, he has come from more humble beginnings.

The 31-year-old made his senior debut for non-league Stafford Rangers and had a spell at Rochdale.

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On both occasions he was on loan from Bolton Wanderers, who went through horrendous financial problems even before measures to help stop the spread of Covid-19 took away much-needed gate receipts.

IN IT TOGETHER: Chris Basham says Blades players are willing to look out for smaller clubs in their area.

He joined the Blades from Blackpool, who have also experienced dire money issues.

So Basham is keen to help clubs in danger of going out of business before football resumes, but does not know how best to.

“I think football’s definitely united,” he said. “These clubs need our help.

“As players we will do the best we can. Everyone needs to stick together and hopefully help out.

“If the gaffer (manager Chris Wilder) brings us anything or the club wants us to do anything, I’m sure the boys will be happy to. I think it would have to be a club gesture to help clubs out or help us to help other clubs out. They would need to come up with some ideas.

“We worked so hard to get to the Premier League and the riches of that but if other clubs around the Sheffield area needed help it would have to be someone higher up to decide that.”

Some squads, most notably Leeds United’s, have deferred wages to help pay non-playing staff, but Premier League clubs are on a different level financially, and Basham says it is not something the Blades have discussed.