Viktor Johansson on what Rotherham United's next manager must not change

Sooner rather than later there will be a change of manager at Rotherham United, but goalkeeper Viktor Johansson says the "tightness" which has been a feature of the squad throughout his time must remain.

Manager Matt Taylor was sacked at the start of November's international break with his assistant, Wayne Carlisle, taking charge of Friday's 1-1 draw with Leeds United's and Tuesday's Championship trip to Hull City.

Carlisle would like the job full-time but it seems chairman Tony Stewart favours an experienced Championship manager. Even if he did get the job, we could expect a gear-shift from caretaker to outright manager.

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But goalkeeper Johansson, Rotherham's best player and someone who has made over 100 starts in a three-year career featuring a relegation and a promotion, says one thing must never change.

"We're so tight, the group," commented the Sweden international. "It's incredible how happy you are in the morning when you come in early and you see all the faces.

"You see Paula in the kitchen making breakfast, people are listening to music and everyone's just happy. I think that's the main thing in this club, it's not the biggest club but it's everyone's personality - there's no bad eggs.

"Everyone's a good person, we get on well with everyone and it's just a happy place to be.

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"We are a very good team. It's been important to be hard to beat and we've shown that at home, now we just need to transfer that to the away pitches.

"We work so hard for each other. It's what makes us us.

"We can never get away from that, we're never going to get away from that."