Why Leeds United can't risk another mistake like Hockaday or Milanic - Lorimer

LEEDS United owner Massimo Cellino must not rush into a decision on replacing Steve Evans as head coach and repeat past mistakes of hiring someone 'not up to the job', club legend Peter Lorimer has said.

Steve Evans.

Lorimer, writing in the Yorkshire Evening Post, singles out recent coaches Dave Hockaday and Darko Milanic as “mistakes”.

Warning Cellino that Leeds “can’t stay in this rut forever”, Lorimer says: “I’d rather we didn’t steam into a decision about the head coach. If the owner feels he needs some time to think and take stock then I’d rather he waited.

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“We simply can’t risk landing another Dave Hockaday or Darko Milanic – someone who isn’t up to the job and is gone before we’ve had any chance to get to know them.”

Lorimer adds: “I’m pretty sure that Massimo Cellino knows himself that in the past mistakes have been made. I’m pretty sure that some of the decisions he’s made he regrets making. But on more than one occasion he’s been criticised for acting rashly – doing things that make people say that ‘Leeds are a bloody joke’ – so it seems unfair to have a go at him for putting more thought into the process.”

Lorimer says Steve Evans has done a good job at Leeds, and will have no trouble finding another club should Cellino release him.

He says: “What Cellino thinks, only he knows. And let’s be clear, we can’t wait around forever. Clubs are starting to release players now and make others available to sign and the best of those will be snapped up pretty quickly.”