Why transfer speculation is no bad thing for Barnsley FC head coach Michael Duff

GIVEN a summer of transfer speculation regarding several leading players, you would expect few at Barnsley to relish the prospect of more of the same in the January window.

Michael Duff takes a different standpoint. If there are rumours in January, it means he and his players are doing a good job. At the moment, they certainly are.

Duff said: "It is important we focus on the positives and build a group that if the window comes, people still want our players.

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"Ultimately, you want people to want your players as it means they are doing well and we are doing something right as well. I don't want to get to January and there be no interest in my players as there's a good chance I won't be here and we will be down the wrong end of the table."

Barnsley head coach Michael Duff. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.Barnsley head coach Michael Duff. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.
Barnsley head coach Michael Duff. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

A new group mentality and culture is being gradually built at Oakwell and new leaders are emerging, according to Duff.

He added: "There are people definitely stepping up and we are working more and more with the group and starting to see who are the bigger characters who are going to drive people on and pull people along at the time. That does not always have to be a voice.

"It could be setting an example. You look at Mads (Andersen). Mads hardly says a word and just walks around with a smile on his face.

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"But his performances have been absolutely magnificent. People like Luca Connell and Josh Benson are stepping up. We are a young team, there's no getting away from that. The good thing about that is they usually have good energy. It's picking out the positives of what we have got and focusing on them rather than worrying about what we have not got.”