YP Letters: Wayne Rooney may act stupid but he's not unsavoury

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

Wayne Rooney has eclipsed Sir Bobby Charlton's goalscoring records.
Wayne Rooney has eclipsed Sir Bobby Charlton's goalscoring records.

IT’S not often that I disagree with Tom Richmond but I think “unsavoury” is a harsh and, well, too unsavoury a word to describe Wayne Rooney (The Yorkshire Post, October 24).

To me, unsavoury characters are pimps, gangsters or the kind of man you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Moreover, there are sportsmen out there who have allegedly committed common assault and others who have even stubbed out a cigarette on someone’s face. They are unsavoury.

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Evidence over a period of time suggests that Wayne Rooney is capable of weak and stupid behaviour but is probably his own worst enemy.

To my knowledge, he has never assaulted anyone nor has he any criminal record beyond motoring offences and we all know someone who has driven when they shouldn’t who we wouldn’t describe as unsavoury. Whatever happens to their marriage, all the signs suggest that Mr and Mrs Rooney care for each other. Nor is there any evidence that Wayne is not a good father.

Rooney has, however, something in common with an even greater footballer than himself, Sir Bobby Charlton, who Mr Richmond rightly eulogises: he is a consummate professional, respected and well-liked within the game.