Cricket supporters urged to unite to get gates open early

HERE is what one influential cricket follower thinks of the lockdown:

Call to arms: Let's see the action, say cricket lovers.

From: Howard Ray, Yorkshire CCC Members’ Committee

I would like to make a plea to all Yorkshire cricket members and many supporters whom, I am sure, are looking forward to the new season.

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Under current guidelines, Yorkshire are due to play six county championship matches without the benefit of spectators present in the grounds.

Members will note the irony in the fact that there are plans in place for a trial attendance at one of the FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley on the 17-18 April. Similar plans will also apply to the World Snooker Championships at The Crucible in Sheffield.

I find this perfectly reasonable as a gradual way out of this horrible pandemic. The question, therefore, is why have no such facilities been afforded to cricket?

Yorkshire have plans in place to provide an excellent screening service for the games behind closed doors so that members can watch their team.

It’s also worth noting that a huge amount of work has been done by Yorkshire to ensure a safe environment can be provided for all those who attend games at Headingley.

The changes to the guidelines from May 17 state that grounds can have 25 per cent capacity.

In Yorkshire’s case, this could mean around 4,500 fans could be allowed to attend games. Taking into account all the work undertaken by the club this figure can be accommodated with confidence.

It’s time for Yorkshire members, and all who support our game who wish to see cricket afforded the same facilities as other sports, to make their views known by: In the first instance contacting their local MP, who I’m sure will recognise that cricket is being unfairly discriminated against.

The English cricket board should also be made aware of members’ views. The ECB is not noted for its forward-thinking but it’s time they pulled their collective fingers out and looked after the game and the members they should be representing.

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Av, Grimsby

Listening to Sam Curran’s gallant but ultimately futile attempt to win the ODI series against India, it became clear that he has little sense of cricket history.

For if he’d known of the famous “we’ll get ‘em in singles” quote, I’m sure he wouldn’t have turned down the opportunities for scoring the odd run here and there. As it is we lost the match by a mere 7 runs, making India 2-1 victors.