Doncaster Knights have only themselves to blame for 14-13 defeat to Cornish Pirates

Battered by injuries and beaten at Castle Park in the Championship for the third consecutive game, Doncaster’s climax to the season is ending badly with two league games remaining.

Without question, Doncaster should have beaten Pirates in a close battle and would have secured an urgently required win if a last-minute penalty attempt by scrum half, Alex Dolly, had been accurate.

With Pirates leading 14-13 after scoring two tries to the one by Knights’ winger, Maliq Holden ,they were penalised, 45 metres from their posts. Dolly, who’d already struck two penalties and a conversion but had missed a penalty on 50 minutes, was suddenly given the opportunity to seize what ought to have been Doncaster’s 10th league victory.

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Sadly, his attempt veered wide of the Pirates’ posts. The Cornish visitors, outplayed in terms of territory and possession in the second half, survived by a point when they should have lost.

Doncaster failed to score from several promising attacking positions and have only themselves to blame.