Formula E is where Oliver Rowland sees bright future

Yorkshire’s Oliver Rowland has further expressed his commitment to Formula E despite the glamour and attraction of Formula One.

Oliver Rowland.
Oliver Rowland.

Formula E has become the new alternative to traditional motor racing, bringing to the front electronically powered race cars.

Rowland, 27, from Barnsley has made an impressive start to the season and believes the changes introduced this year won’t be too much of a challenge for him or his Nissan e.dams team.

“I am very happy in Formula E,” he said. “I think Formula E is on a really good trajectory so I am certainly not looking anywhere else. I think the future’s here.

Oliver Rowland, driving the (22) Nissan IM02 and Team Nissan e.dams on track during practice ahead of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Riyadh in November last year. Picture: Francois Nel/Getty Images

“In all honesty the changes this year for us, especially with the updated powertrain, if anything make it slightly easier for us as drivers.

“Last year was a little bit more of a complex system that we had to understand and sometimes it was a little bit inconsistent with the way it was delivered.”

The changes made this year include ‘more power to attack’ during the current season which means the drivers will have an increase of 10kW of power when using ‘Attack Mode’ going from 225kW last year to 235kW.

Also, drivers can no longer use ‘Attack Mode’ during Full Course Yellow(FCY) or when a safety car is out which forces drivers to leave the racing line to activate extra power, putting them at risk of losing positions.

A major change which only affected Nissan e.dams this season was the decision to ban twin motors opting instead for single-motor cars.

Despite the changes Rowland remains confident in his team and the work that has been done behind the scenes.

“This year Nissan have done a fantastic job to give us a really solid single motor and I think so far it looks pretty positive,’’ he said.

“Although we were quite limited on time getting everything ready for the first race I think they’ve done a great job.

“From a driver’s side it really just makes things easier and the car is a pleasure to drive.”