Burrow Seven: Racehorse named after Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow is retired due to injury

A racehorse named in honour of former rugby league star Rob Burrow is being retired due to injury.

Burrow Seven, who recently joined The Good Racing Co, will begin a new life as an equine welfare and therapy horse.

The Good Racing Co has said the horse has a repetitive injury to his front left leg. An ultrasound has revealed a longitudinal split to his tendon, which would almost certainly happen again if he continued to race.

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The Burrow Seven Racing Club was launched in November 2020 as an innovative fundraising concept to raise money in response to Burrow’s motor neurone disease diagnosis. To date Burrow Seven has donated £100,000 to the MND Association through membership sales to his racing club.

Rob Burrow and Barrie McDermott in front of Burrow Seven.Rob Burrow and Barrie McDermott in front of Burrow Seven.
Rob Burrow and Barrie McDermott in front of Burrow Seven.

Burrow Seven has been trained by Jedd O’Keeffe in Middleham. The Good Racing Co has committed to develop a new working life for Burrow Seven, who will begin a new role as an equine welfare and therapy horse.

Just last month it was announced that Burrow Seven is moving to the newly launched The Good Racing Co which aims to expand the same charity horse concept and have eight different horses raising money for eight different charitable causes within a year.The Good Racing Co has acquired a replacement horse to fundraise and race for Burrow.

Burrow and his family are yet to meet this new horse, but they have named him Beep Beep Burrow, in honour of his Road Runner nickname at Leeds Rhinos.

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Beep Beep Burrow is a five-year-old chestnut gelding. All Burrow Seven Racing Club members will immediately have their memberships transferred to the new horse.

Burrow said: “My family and I were really saddened to hear the news of Burrow Seven’s injury, but the main thing is that he’ll continue to have a long and fulfilling life.”