Search for solar power locations

LAND agents Strutt and Parker are on the lookout for potential solar farm sites and say some in Lincolnshire could be suitable.

Basic criteria include:

10 to 15 hectares and not Grade 1 or Grade 2 farmland;

level or south facing;

no conservation status or public rights of way on the site;

access to power lines without crossing another property;

no trees, buildings, telecoms masts or other structures within the site;

able to be secured with 2.5-metre fencing all round;

not at risk of flooding;

at least a mile inland, as sea winds can scratch solar panels;

in a location with minimal visual impact on neighbours.

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Charlotte Favill, of Strutt & Parker in Stamford, says there is an opportunity to take advantage of feed-in tariffs for renewable energy that are valid for schemes accredited before April 2012.

She said: "Examples of rental offers being made are a base rent in the order of 50,000 per site per annum with a top-up based on the electricity generated to give a rent of between 60,000 and 75,000 per annum. Leases are up to 25 years, with rent reviewed annually."

Call her on 01780 484040 or email [email protected]/

CW 20/11/10

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