We’re on our way back

Rugby League, it’s a tough old sport, And these times, are tough for us all,

Ben Taylor: Readingb his verses to Sam Burgess in the South Sydney dressing room.

We’ve been through our share of adversity, Wi’ us backs pushed up ageean t’wall.

And this time, it’s as tough as ever, Missing t’ clashes when that white line’s crossed,

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More than that, missing family, each other, And grieving for them that we’ve lost.

But rugby league, this ,‘Our League’ Has deep roots that are tangled and strong,

It’s the people within our sport, That’ve been our strength all along.

From Wakefield to Wath Brow to Wire, And allt way back across to ’Ull,

Community clubs and foundations, When they’re needed, together they pull.

Prescriptions for vulnerable folk, And dropping food off for them ’ats in need,

And though we’re apart from each other We’re united through our Rugby League.

Inspiration int summat we’re short of, Late Steve Prescott, our great man a steel. Johnny Vegas, Scully and t’ foundation, Ave bin t’ultimate meals on wheels!

For positivity int face of adversity, We can look towards Mose Masoe, And for resilience look to Rob Burrow Strength his had for his girls and young boy.

We’ve seen it, at ’ome in your ’ouses, As many rainbows Julie Andrews ant sin!

Kids skills to play in their gardens, And Wagga, that lad loves his bin!

And in time, when it’s reyt and it’s safe, I know at there’ll be brighter weather,

Our league will be back wi’ a bang Fulla folk that are stronger than ever.

The big ’its, the biff and the brilliance, Ull be back and be bursting fromt bottle,

And makinson, charnley, grace, johnstone, Ull be belting darnt wings at full throttle.

A cart wait to see Watts, Taylor, Thomson,

Dave Fifita and t’ rest ot big boppers,

A cart wait to go get an aircut,

That dunt mek me look like Roy Cropper!

Just to walk up to t’club ats int village,

And watch wi a pint from ont side,

Or to pull on my Royal Navy Jersey,

And to Captain Armed Forces wi’ pride.

We’ll Ave PD and LD RL,

And wheelchair game back an all,

Women’s super league back wi’ a bang,

All united through t’rugby league ball.

Fot glorious gutsy among us,

There’ll be triumph and trophies raised high,

And next year that could be England,

Raising world cup in to t’sky!

And int’ future, in years to come,

We’ll reflect back on this time we’ve ad ’ere.

And say wi pride ’ow Our League stuck together,

In our 125th year.