Darren Gough: Why snooker needs to reinvent itself and why Huddersfield Town are THE Yorkshire club

OUR new Sports Weekend columnist Darren Gough returns with plenty to say about the world of sport.

NAKED TRUTH: Mark Williams - as promised - attends his post-match press conference (almost) naked. Picture: PA.

The two topics chiefly on his radar this weekend are the future of snooker and football - well, Huddersfield Town.

Gough makes reference to Mark Williams's 'promise' to attend his post-match media conference naked if he won the World Championships at The Crucible in Sheffield before expanding his thoughts into a wider debate on how snooker can make itself more attractive as a spectacle to a whole new generation of fans.

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He writes: "The big question for me is what can snooker do to make itself more attractive or is it one of those sports that is just going to stay exactly as it is forever where they wear shoes and a suit? Do they need to jazz it up a little bit?

AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT: David Wagner helped ensure Huddersfield Town would enjoy another season in the Premier League. Picture: PA.

"Do we keep snooker as it is, which is something that the traditionalists love and we grew up on, or does it change? It is a fantastic sport, but is it losing its interest among the wider population in this country as our kids do not seem to be taking it up?

"There are lots of questions. Do the tables need to be smaller to make the game quicker? Do we need 10 red balls on the table as opposed to the 15 now? Can we get snooker tables into schools and have school clubs? For me, every school in the country should have a snooker table."

On Huddersfield Town securing their top-flight status for another season, Gough adds: "I was asked on air by Adrian Durham that if Huddersfield did stay up would I finally admit that we would call them THE Yorkshire club as they call themselves that. So I will have to as they managed to stay in the division.

"So well done to them, I am really pleased for them."

NOW HEAR THIS: The YP's new Sports Weekend columnist, Darren Gough.

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