Leon Wobschall: Even high-flying Leeds United and Sheffield United are not immune to the keyboard warriors

THE FEAST or famine nature of some modern-day football supporters in their social media engagements never ceases to amaze.

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa received criticism after defeat to Blackburn (Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe)

Defeats are taken as a personal affront, victories are gushingly hailed as triumph of perceived individual wisdom, and folk are quick to tell the world too.

Take some - and I hasten to add some - reaction to defeats for Sheffield United and Leeds United at the weekend to Derby County and Blackburn Rovers respectively.

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A cursory look at a few fans’ websites and the Twittersphere revealed a fair amount of angst. Glossing over the fact the top six of the Championship is currently separated by four points – it might as well be fourteen.

There was the similar opprobrium after Middlesbrough’s loss to Nottingham Forest before the international break, with Tony Pulis quickly labelled as the managerial equivalent of a Diplodocus. Jurassic Boro, football from the dark ages. Boring Boro.

A good win at Hillsborough and suddenly he’s King Kong again. But it will change again. You mark your card.

And so Chris Wilder and Marcelo Bielsa - for heaven’s sake - are also not immune from censure after having the audacity to spoil some people’s weekends.

The Blades and Leeds were edged out by two half-decent sides on Saturday, lest we forget. Derby County have wafted the chequebook and have a wage structure that is comfortably in excess of United’s and Leeds lost to a side in Blackburn Rovers who have been beaten just once in the league at Ewood Park in 13 months.

Chris Wilder, manager of Sheffield United, received criticism from some quarters despite his team starting the weekend top of the league (Picture: Simon Bellis/Sportimage)

In its own way, the Championship is wonderfully egalitarian and gloriously unpredictable. It is what makes it such a beguiling, hard league that delights the neutral. It is a test of stamina and mettle.

Six points separate Sheffield Wednesday in 11th place and Boro in first. Six points. Points you can pull back from a half-decent week in the Championship.

Plenty does change and plenty will in the weeks and months ahead in what is shaping up to be one of the most open races for promotion in years.

Defeats happen. Often when they are least expected. That’s the Championship, folks...

They talk about managers maybe needing to have a coolling off period to calm down to gather their thoughts in the immediate aftermath of a game before addressing the assembled media.

Maybe it would be wise for some supporters to do so too for an hour or so before airing their thoughts on social media. Have a couple of pints in a quiet corner of a pub, count to 1,000, walk the dog. Have a lie down.. Whatever it takes.

Gather your thoughts and keep any criticism constructive and look at the bigger picture. It’s good for your health.