Video: Are you looking forward to the Olympics?

THE Olympic flame started its tour of Scotland today, where it will spend the next seven days. But with just 50 days to go before the games, is Yorkshire excited - or apathetic? We asked for your views.

Today’s relay began at dawn in the seaside port of Stranraer, on the south west coast of the country, and will wind its way towards Glasgow.

Organisers said around 3,000 people were in Stranraer to see the torch lit and the relay begin.

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The atmosphere was full of excitement as crowds gathered from the small hours.

Schoolchildren waved their hand-made torches by the side of the route as they waited for the real thing to arrive.

The flame was greeted by a choir, accompanied by a piper and drummer, singing Highland Cathedral.

Twelve-year-old Orin Bailey, on drums, said he was “very nervous” as he had never performed before such a big crowd.

As the torch was lit, 200 flag bearers representing each of the countries taking part in the Olympics, flanked the flame.