Yorkshire Wildlife Park: New Amazonas walkthrough reserve brings glimpse of South America to Yorkshire

Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s new walkthrough reserve will bring a glimpse of South America to visitors after opening this week.

The Amazonas walkthrough reserve opened on Wednesday (May 24) featuring critically endangered golden lion tamarin monkeys and silvery marmosets, as well as capybaras, agoutis and Patagonian maras. The reserve will teach visitors to the attraction about the work which is ongoing to save the rainforest, and about its incredible animals.

“We are so excited to be opening Amazonas. It is a habitat with a real story so that visitors can see these fascinating species and learn why it is so important to protect them,” said Greg Clifton, section manager for primates of the park at Auckley, near Doncaster.

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“The walk through is completely immersive and visitors will really feel as if they are inside the world of the animals. We are delighted to welcome two new species of primate to the park – the golden lion tamarin and the Silvery marmoset and there are more new arrivals on the horizon.

A golden lion tamarin monkey at Yorkshire Wildlife ParkA golden lion tamarin monkey at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
A golden lion tamarin monkey at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

"I have had the privilege to work with some of these species in the wild so for YWP to be involved with the conservation efforts is significant for all of us but it is extremely special for me personally.”

At one point, there were just 200 golden lion tamarins left in the wild, but conservation work has brought that figure up to 2,500. Population numbers of Patagonian maras are also dwindling as the hare-like species is widely hunted in the Amazon.

For more information, visit www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com.