One of the rarest rums in the world comes to Yorkshire - and it costs £250 per shot

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A bottle of one of the rarest rums in the world has arrived in Yorkshire - at a cost of £250 per shot.

Only 500 individually numbered bottles of the £3,000 Havana Club 1519 have been created - with just 250 of them up for sale around the globe.

Brad and Adrian with the rum in Havana.

Brad and Adrian with the rum in Havana.

Two of them have been snapped up by a Sheffield company - the Cubana Cuban bar, who pride themselves on having one of the most extensive and varied rum menus in the UK.

In fact, owners Adrian Bagnoli and Brad Charlesworth were given the honour of being the first company outside of Cuba to be able to purchase the expensive tipple.

They travelled the 5,000 round trip to Havana, Cuba, last year to buy two bottles.

They are delighted to be able to add the distilled drink to their repertoire but admit they may take a while to sell.

Luckily the rum should not go out of date - as it is already 60 years old, beginning its distillation in the 1940s.

The blend is so old and rare that its original designers have since died. The rum was launched by the rum distillers, Havana Cub, in honour of the 500-year-old history of Havana - the capital city in Cuba.

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They have chosen to release one bottle for each year of the city's existence.

Collectors from around the globe are now queuing up to buy them at nearly £3,000 a bottle.

Only 250 of the bottles will be available for public consumption, with a further 65 to go to Cuban personalities.

Adrian Bagnoli said: "The fact we were allowed to buy the very first two bottles to leave Cuba goes to show how far our status has grown in the rum world in recent years.

"It was an honour to be have been offered the opportunity to purchase this top quality rare rum at Havana Club HQ and, although not many people will be buying rum at such a hefty price tag, it ensures we continue to develop our position as one of the country's leading centres for rum.

"At £250 per shot we know it won't suit everyone's pocket and it might take a while to sell."

Havana Club 1519 is the result of a highly complex mixing and ageing process that has taken place for many decades.

It has a bright amber colour, the result of its prolonged ageing in white oak barrels.

Rum is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Last year almost 35 million bottles of rum were sold, worth a little more than £1 billion, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.