Review: Teletubbies Live, West Yorkshire Playhouse

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How do you review a show aimed at tiny children? Is it even valid to do so?

The best I can say is that my not quite two year old nephew Harrison was utterly transfixed by the slightly surreal shape of the Teletubbies live on stage. He wasn’t alone. To hold an audience of toddlers rapt on a Wednesday afternoon in an almost full auditorium is one seriously impressive accomplishment.

Going on the road for their first national tour, the Teletubbies have now entertained several generations of toddlers (and inebriated students), plying their odd trade since the late 1990s. It really is a remarkable thing to watch the four iconic Teletubbies live on stage and see how the creators Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport captured something that captivates babies and gives parents (and uncles) a warm feeling of recognition.

The story elements in this stage show follow the tradition of the TV show - there is a lack of jeopardy, but that’s probably not what toddlers are looking for in a theatre show and the joy of seeing children enjoy a piece of theatre is a huge reward for the adults.