On this day in Yorkshire 1940

Leeds applications for overseas evacuees

Leeds, which is one of the vulnerable areas, continues to take keen interest in the overseas evacuation scheme.

Yesterday afternoon the number of application forms asked for at the Education Offices bad increased to approximately 3,000. more than 1,000 in a single day, anda very good percentage of these have been completed.

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Already medical examination through the school medical services has begun, and it will be proceeded with as quickly possible in order that Leeds may be prepared when the Ministry of Health have completed their plans for transporting the first batch of 20,000 children from this country.

It has not yet been possible to make an analysis of the completed forms to ascertain the proportion of boys and girls, but it is disclosed that the desire to participate in the scheme is shared by parents in all stations of life.

The offer is open to all school children, whether already evacuated in this country or not, and it carries free passage to Canada. U.S.A., Australia. New Zealand or South Africa, whichever may be preferred.

The financial obligation is the same as in the present reception areas — a contribution of six shillings a week for each child, or less if the family circumstances necessitate it.

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