On this day in Yorkshire 1947

Yorkshire resorts will not go short of bread. Ministry of Food Assurance

Action is being taken by the Ministry of Food to ensure that holiday resorts are not short of bread during Whitsuntide.

It understood that extra flour will be made available through the Ministry’s normal distributive channels. As reported in yesterday’s Yorkshire Post,” bakers in Scarborough and Bridlington have been worried about the prospect of a flour shortage resulting from a five per cent, cut in supplies.

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“Our divisional officers have full power to act in temporary shortages of this kind, and they will do so in this instance,” a Ministry Food official informed The Yorkshire Post yesterday.

“In some cases it appears that bakers have drawn too heavily on their stocks, but the public will not suffer because of that.”

In a statement issued yesterday the Ministry of Food said: “No serious difficulties are expected as a result of the temporary reduction of deliveries of flour from the mills, which the Ministry recently imposed in order to safeguard the country’s stocks.

“Wherever it has been proved that additional flour is needed to maintain essential food services the Ministry has taken, and will continue to take, appropriate action.”

The Minister of Food urges holidaymakers to take supplies of bread and cakes with them, but appeals to them buy no more than they need.

Bridlington bakers may be allowed enough flour for 35,000 visitors this week-end and avoid the feared bread shoitage following representations to the Ministry of Food that they had not enough flour for residents and visitors.

Mr. T. W. Wilson, secretary of the Bridlington Master Bakers” Association, said to-day that the local Food Officer had asked all bakers to submit figures of what extra flour would be required over their present allocation to meet the needs of visitors.

“It looks as if we are going to be allowed extra flour,” said Mr. Wilson.

If we do not get extra, it means that either the residents or the visitors will have to go without bread.”

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