On this day in Yorkshire 1953

Shoddy will keep its name

The people who make shoddy cloths In the Heavy Woollen District are proud their products, and see no reason why they should change the name of shoddy.

Meeting in an office at Batley yesterday members of the Shoddy and Mungo Manufacturers’ Association considered the suggestion that another name for the Association might be devised.

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The question arose some weeks ago after a discussion in the House of Commons about the quality and purposes of shoddy.

The Association met recently, but adjourned consideration of the suggestion until yesterday’s full meeting.

The president. Mr. Clifford Smith, of Morley, afterwards said that the name of the Association would remain unaltered.

The public were now better Informed of the importance of that section the wool textile trade and its inestimable value the country’s economy.

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