On this day in Yorkshire 1976

Pollution protest by 12,000 anglers

Twelve thousand anglers may refuse to buy angling licences from the Yorkshire Water Authority in protest against river pollution.

An Authority official, Mr. John Shillock, assistent Amenity Fisheries and Recreation Officer, said that if they carried out the threat and continued fishing, they would risk prosecution.

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Officials of the authority stressed that the pollution of the Wharfe at Tadcaster was a serious problem long before the authority was set up in 1974, and that they were now trying to do something about it.

Water ban mix up delays curb

Water restrictions which would save London up to 40 million gallons a day cannot now be brought into effect until at least the first week in September.

That was made clear yesterday to members of the Thames Water Authority during an emergency meeting in London.

Safari brings a £400 bonus

A 5,000 mile safari in North Africe by Upper Nidderdale youth club, Pateley Bridge ended safely yesterday with a £400 surprise.

When the eight 16 year olds and five leaders who undertook the 25 day trip arrived back home, one of their sponsors, a Bradford garage presented them with a cheque for £400.

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