Family win £5,000 prize in Sheffield treasure hunt organised by anonymous street artist

A family-of-four from Sheffield are celebrating after they won a £5,000 prize in a treasure hunt organised by an anonymous street artist.

The safe in Sheffield that held £5,000
The safe in Sheffield that held £5,000

Greg Wright his partner Tamsyn Bradley and their sons Teddy and Henry beat dozens of competitors to find a key to a safe in the city centre that held £5,000 and two ‘golden tickets’ for mystery prizes.

The couple agreed to donate £1,000 to Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and give the tickets away to two people who had spent hours searching for the key.

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“Obviously we’re very happy,” said Mr Wright. “We couldn’t believe it really, it was surreal.

“My partner was on maternity leave earlier in the year and we’ve kind of had some bills to pay off that we accrued while she was on maternity. But hopefully we’re going to try and put it towards a holiday as well, once Covid allows.”

he last of the 10 clues created for the treasure hunt, which was organised by an artist known as Robin Loxley, was hidden in a crossword puzzle in Friday’s edition of the Sheffield Star before the artist shared it on social media.

When the family found the clue, they headed down to Parkwood Springs and began searching for the key, which was hidden in a lock box.

Mr Wright found the key and then drove over to the city centre with his partner, their five-year-old son Teddy and their nine-month old son Henry, before the artist agreed to hand over the code to the safe, which he set up outside Sheffield Town Hall.

“We’d seen people searching all day and it was like searching for a needle in a haystack, “ said Mr Wright.

“It’s a large area and we kept going over places where we’d been and looking back at the clues.

“When we got there at about 10am there were about 20 people there, and then it got to about 50 people searching so we kept passing them.

“It was a mad panic when I saw it, my heart was beating so fast.”

The artist behind the treasure hunt, which began on May 17, said he is now looking to make it an annual event.

He added: “Sheffield is the friendliest city in the world in my opinion and still retains a village feel. My treasure hunts will continue and hopefully will pick up pace getting bigger and better each year.”