Gig review: Feeder at Leeds Beckett University Students Union

It's been a long time coming, the opportunity to see Feeder live, a band I've loved for many years, here in my adopted home town of Leeds.

Feeder at Leeds Beckett SU. Picture: Anthony Longstaff

Back in the day before iPods, Feeder would be heavy on my playlist of mashed together CDs filled with the sorrow of Pearl Jam and the angst of Smashing Pumpkins. Tthey’d be the happy sound to while away the day to.

They were the real alternative rock band, not quite heavy enough to warrant a case of headbanging whiplash but not too soft as to warrant a punch in the arm from a mate when asked to listen to their songs and, of course, they come from the land of Manic Street Preachers and Stereophonics so they’ve an enormous comparison to ride against – the thinking man’s rock band, as one might suggest.

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It’s an age away from the release of Buck Rogers, one of the band’s biggest singles and probably the launching post to their notable stardom but eight albums in and they’re back with another glorious masterpiece of pristine rock, All Bright Electric.

Feeder at Leeds Beckett SU. Picture: Anthony Longstaff

Supported by the fantastic The Virgin Marys, it’s a massive gig for the Feeder. Not in terms of venue status or capacity but it’s been a while since they’ve been in Leeds and it’s a show that is hugely anticipated.

The Virgin Marys smash the support slot big time, Big heavy drums from Danny Dolan and with the splendidly hoarse vocals of Ally Dickaty, it paves a path for the headliners.

Twenty-two songs I counted on the set list, most bands couldn’t muster a set of that magnitude after 15 years let alone a decade of touring.

They start with Another Day on Earth and Universe of Life from their new album before they kick into the hits. Oh boy, what a kick it is. Feeling a Moment, Lost & Found, Pushing the Senses, Come Back Around... it’s a moment when you lose your adult and fall back into your teenage years (well, almost teenage).

The Virgin Marys at Leeds Beckett SU. Picture: Anthony Longstaff

The combination of Taka Hirose and Grant Nicolas is to music as what Hoddle and Waddle were to 80s football.

As the the finale approaches the crowd still know there’s a couple of classics up their sleeve. A few more new album tracks are whisked through till they get to Buck Rogers and eventually slam their way into Just a Day. To say the place went gone mental is an understatement.

Feeder at Leeds Beckett SU. Picture: Anthony Longstaff
The Virgin Marys at Leeds Beckett SU. Picture: Anthony Longstaff