Gig review: The Reytons at Magna, Rotherham

On Friday evening 4,500 revellers packed into The Magna centre in Rotherham to support their hometown heroes for their first gig on South Yorkshire soil in…..months.

The Reytons at Magna, Rotherham. Picture: Scott Antcliffe
The Reytons at Magna, Rotherham. Picture: Scott Antcliffe

The support act, Stone, from Liverpool, set the tempo of the evening with an energetic, frenetic set with catchy lyrics and sublime guitar riffs.

The Reytons frontman Jonny Yerrell led the lads on stage to a rapturous applause and kicked things off with Mind the Gap, swiftly followed by Red Smoke.

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As always, an appreciative Yerrell acknowledged the superb support from the fans during the pandemic, just as the quartet were really starting to find their rhythm and make impressive strides within the industry.

The Reytons at Magna, Rotherham. Picture: Scott Antcliffe

The evening then took a slightly mellower turn with Harrison Lesser, Expectations of a Fool and Headache, all going down well with the crowd before upping the ante with several tracks from their excellent debut album, Kids Off The Estate including Sales Pitch for the Bus Fare Home, Antibiotics, Car Crash and Shoebox.

The latter half of the set featured my personal favourite, Slice of Lime, the extremely catchy, upbeat lyrics and cracking guitar riffs are a winning combination. Yerrell tells stories through his lyrics which resonate with the blue-collar crowd.

The evening concluded with popular hits Low Life, Kids off the Estate and Broke Boys Cartel, ensuring, just as they started the evening, the fans lifted the roof off The Magna once again, after a superb evening of energetic, powerful and passionate vocals – something which the raucous crowd have become accustomed to over the last five years.