'˜Heavier music is what came out naturally' say Circa Waves about their new album Different Creatures

Combine the timeless north west England twang with high energy, guitar driven rock tunes and it is no surprise that Circa Waves have been received so enthusiastically by music lovers across the world. The days of straining their voices to be heard are well and truly behind them and with a new level of confidence frontman Kieran Shudall talks to Sam Perry ahead of the release of their second album, Different Creatures.

Circa Waves are playing at Leeds Festival.
Circa Waves are playing at Leeds Festival.

First, congratulations. How have you felt during this album’s creation knowing that there is an audience awaiting it’s arrival?

It adds an incredible level of excitement. I write the songs purely for me and hope that fans like them. So to see songs go out and people love them is amazing.

Was there a conscious decision to go slightly heavier?

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    Circa Waves' second album Different Creatures is out now.

    The heavier music is what came out naturally. To make genuine music you can’t force anything so I just let these songs flow out. Rock’s always had a place in my heart and I wanted to make a record a younger me would lose his mind to. I want kids to pick up a guitar and start a band when they hear this record.

    If Different Creatures was a child in the school playground which of the kids would it be?

    The one who thinks differently to everyone else. The kid who stands up for others, who tries to see hope in the darkest of places. He or She is a different creature.

    The last few years has seemingly been packed full of highlights for you guys what with support slots for artists like The 1975, selling out your own tours and appearing on CBBC! Are there any particular moments that have stood out for you?

    Circa Waves' second album Different Creatures is out now.

    Playing Y Not festival main stage to 20,000 people was a real moment. Its when I realised we could headline festivals one day. I knew at that point that we were playing an important roll in rock music.

    It’s nearly been four years since you formed. When you look back at the early days of playing together, what are the most striking differences between you and your music then and you and your music now?

    There is so much more belief and ambition now. Back then we were just happy to be asked to the party. Now we expect to be front and center. The music was more carefree back then. Now it has so much more purpose and drive.

    Is there are part of the world that you haven’t yet gigged in that you’d like to get out to?

    Id love to see South America, places like Brazil and Argentina. Huge legendary gigs have been there and I want to follow in those footsteps. Also beach football looks fun.

    And if this trip was part of a world tour and you had the opportunity to choose any line up, which artists (alive or deceased) come with you?

    The Beatles, Foo Fighters, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire.

    What was the last song or maybe even just last lyric you heard that made your ears prick up or made the hairs stand up on the back of your neck?

    “All the girls and the guys went to parties in disguise” – a tune by Dead Pretties called Social Experiment. Best thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    What’s in your CD/record player at the moment?

    I had the band round ours for pizzas so I think Graceland is still sitting on there. Pizza and Paul Simon.

    With an exciting year ahead, what will make you look back on 2017 with pleasure and satisfaction?

    I get to meet Dave Grohl and the world finally realises Circa Waves are the saving grace of rock ’n’ roll.

    Different Creatures is out now. Circa Waves play at O2 Academy Sheffield on March 18 and Leeds Festival on August 25. circawaves.com