On this day in Yorkshire 1947

Smallpox in Barnsley area

Three more cases of small-pox are reported from the Barnsley area.

The new cases, recently admitted to the Lundwood Isolation Hospital, are believed not to be serious. Two came from Cudworth and one from Lundwood.

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The case from Lundwood is an elderly woman who was admitted over a week ago. She had been nursed by her young married daughter, who lives at Cudworth. and now the daughter and her husband are also in the hospital with small-pox.

A close watch is being kept on the position in the Cudworth and Grimethorpe areas.

The couple normally live at Cudworth and had frequently visited the township during the incubation period for shopping purposes. The husband had also carried on his work in the Parkgate seam Grimethorpe Colliery.

About 200 of the seam’s 500 employees have been advised to be vaccinated by a notice posted in the pit yard.

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Today only a few Grimethorpe were reported to have acted upon the advice, but Cudworth’s public vaccinator reported having been very busy dealing with miners and their families.

A Cudworth insurance agent, who has been in contact with the young couple, has been temporarily suspended and is in voluntary quarantine at his home.

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