Style Clinic: Bring me glamorous trainers

With Style Concierge at Harvey Nichols Leeds.

Dear Stylist,

I love flat shoes and am completely on-board with the trainer trend. Comfort is key for me, but I am bored with the minimalist styling and want a pair with a bit more glamour and pizazz. Can you help?

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The shops have been saturated with sneakers with simple styling, so why not go for something with a bit more detail. Comfort doesn’t have to equal boring, and trainers with distinguishable features can elevate a simple outfit, giving it a glamourous, fashionable look.

Gucci Ace snake-embellished leather trainers, £640.

The Minna Parikka ‘All Ears’ sneakers are anything but minimalistic! The humble low top is reinvigorated with a dose of modern wit with the bold bunny ear detail. If there is any pair to put a hop and a skip in your step it is these gorgeous rose gold grained ones. Partner with off-duty basics with clean lines for a cute, whimsical twist.

The low top round-toed sneakers from Gucci are a classic but are elevated by the interesting details which set them apart from other trainers. The signature striped webbing, crystal-embellished snake design, and non-identical heel panels make them unmistakably Gucci. Tone and texture differentiate this pair fortifying their indisputable luxury status.

Buscemi are traditionally unorthodox, and merge street wear with high fashion. These skate shoes have an added feminine touch with the oversized leather bow that wraps around the shoe. Paired with the signature gold-toned padlock on the heel, it ensures that these shoes are no shrinking violets.

For information call Style Concierge on 0113 204 8888.

Minna Parikka All Ears rose gold grained leather trainers, £245.
Gucci Ace snake-embellished leather trainers, £640.
Minna Parikka All Ears rose gold grained leather trainers, £245.