YP Letters: Founder would be proud of The Yorkshire Post today and its journalists

From: Brian Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

A reader enjoys a recent edition of The Yorkshire Post in a cafe.
A reader enjoys a recent edition of The Yorkshire Post in a cafe.

I BELIEVE Griffith Wright, the elder founder of the then Leeds Intelligencer, would be proud of The Yorkshire Post today. Sadly, some of our newspapers which, to my mind, are not worth naming, fly in the face of his pledge for principled journalism (The Yorkshire Post, November 23).

A newspaper buff, I receive three papers on Fridays and two on every other day. They are The Yorkshire Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Observer and the Barnsley Chronicle.

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    The Telegraph and The Guardian group’s Observer, excellent as they are, are too polarised for my liking. Only The Yorkshire Post of the above national papers comes close to impartiality, with its measured editorial and moderate contributors Tom Richmond, Andrew Vine and Jayne Dowle to offset the predictable Bill Carmichael and Bernard Ingham.

    If I had to restrict myself to one paper, it would be the one I first read over six decades ago: The Yorkshire Post.

    From: Janet Barker, Slingsby Walk, Harrogate.

    I WAS deeply moved by editor James Mitchinson’s message to your readers (The Yorkshire Post, November 24), and I know that had he been alive, my husband Malcolm Barker, would have been cheering you to the 

    Before editing the Yorkshire Evening Post from 1970 until 1987, Malcolm had been deputy editor of The Yorkshire Post, and was still writing regularly for it right up to his death three years ago.

    How he would have relished your clarion call, and how relieved to know Johnston Press newspapers, most particularly The Yorkshire Post, would continue to be printed, and their staff retained.

    As a YP subscriber, I can 
think of no one better than 
you to be at its helm, and 
wish to thank you and everyone concerned for giving us 
every weekday a revered newspaper that not only 
fights to keep the needs 
of the North in the Government’s eye, but offers pithy comments, well researched facts, strong leaders and hard hitting campaigns.

    From: Miss JE Ella, Thorndale Croft, Wetwang, Driffield.

    Thank you to editor James Mitchinson for your Saturday Essay (The Yorkshire Post, November 24) on the 
importance of supporting 
this newspaper.

    As an avid reader of The Yorkshire Post and not having access via computer, smartphone or the like, I believe the YP is one of the most balanced and informative papers that I think everyone should read.

    Friends of mine via a common interest in cricket, and holidays in Bridlington in recent years, enjoy The Yorkshire Post as much as I do.

    Although they are unable to come to the area as often due to health problems, I send in the post various articles, letter pages and, of course, sport.

    Long may you continue.

    From: Bob Brooks, Lincoln.

    NOW The Yorkshire Post has been saved, life will still be worth living. No other paper matches it, especially the sport pages. Good luck and a lot more issues ahead.