Everything you need to know about betting on Euro 2024 this June according to Bestbettingsites.com

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Euro 2024 kicks off in June, and if you’re new to betting, bestbettingsites.com have created a guide on everything you need to know about betting on Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 Betting Guide by Bestbettingsites.com

This betting site aggregator explains the different bet types available, and how to bet on the tournament in this Euro 2024 betting guide.

When are the euros?

Euro 2024 kicks off on Friday June 14th, at 8pm, with the hosts Germany facing Scotland at Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena. The final is set to be played on Sunday, July 14th.

How to place a bet on Euro 2024

If you’re new to sports betting and don’t know where to start when it comes to betting on Euro 2024, this guide to betting on Euro 2024 has got you covered.

First, use bestbettingsites.com to find a bookmaker that offers a sign-up bonus and a range of markets to bet on at Euro 2024.

Once you’ve found the right bookmaker, click sign up or register, and fill in your personal details to create an account.

Please remember to gamble responsibly at all times. When you sign up to a betting site, you’ll be asked if you want to set a deposit limit or loss limit. Put a limit in place when you initially open the account, so you can only bet what you can afford to. All licensed betting sites in the UK require players to be a minimum of 18 years of age. Be Gamble aware and always seek help if you begin to show signs of problem gambling. To talk to someone about your gambling, you can call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133, a free service which is open 24 hours a day.

Once you’ve created an account and set a deposit limit, look for the sports menu, and head to football, and look for Euro 2024 (you might have to search for ‘competitions’ or ‘tournaments’ to find it.

Which Euro 2024 betting site to use?

  • Having reviewed the football betting offering across the UK’s bookmakers, Bestbettingsites.com have chosen the three below for betting on Euro 2024.     For a great welcome bonus try Bet365      For regular free bets try Ladbrokes     For an extensive range of football betting markets try Bet Victor
  • Euro 2024 betting sites

Finding the right site to bet on Euro 2024 can be down to personal preference; what might be the best site for one user might not be the best choice for another, so in this Euro 2024 betting guide, outlined below is what to look for when choosing a betting site:

  • Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission – UKGC Licensed sites must adhere to their robust protocols around security and player protection, and also must promote responsible gambling guidance.
  • Range of betting markets – most bookmakers offer the same markets to bet on, however in recent years many have moved to create their own unique offerings (such as the number of headed shots on target by a certain player or the number of fouls committed by a certain player).
  • Best odds - odds will usually be in line with other operators, but what helps a bookmaker stand out is offering greater odds on a specific market, so when you’re looking to sign up to a betting site, check the odds of several bookmakers first. 
  • Withdrawal times – check which operators will send your winnings back to your payment methods in the quickest timeframe.

Tried and tested betting sites

Bestbettingsites.com have reviewed the UK’s betting operators, looking at the above factors and more, with their findings below.

UKGC Account number: 39563

Bet365 is one of the most recognised names when it comes to sports betting, and they offer a £50 welcome bonus in the form of free bets to all new members. They offer one of the largest range of markets to bet on, covering sports at most professional levels. Bet365 were one of the first to create a bet builder tool which allows you to combine several markets from the same game, and usually offers better odds on football specific markets such as players to be carded. They accept most payment methods, and their withdrawal

times are fast unless you’re withdrawing large amounts.

UKGC Account number: 39576

BetVictor have been around as a bookmaker since 1946, and their specialty is football, offering odds on games in almost every league in the World. Their sign-up offer for new members gives you £40 in free bets when you bet £10 with them, on any qualifying market. BetVictor usually offers special markets during major football tournaments, and their odds are usually better than others in the market, making them an ideal choice to be part of this Euro 2024 betting guide.

UKGC Account number: 1611

Ladbrokes and football betting go hand in hand, with the bookmaker offering several different special bets for most matches. Their sign-up bonus is £20 in free bets when you bet £5 on any qualifying market, and also give regular free bets for qualifying players, alongside the chance to win £100 cash by predicting 3 correct scores. They also offer “Supercharged Accas” where players can get better odds on their accumulators, making them a firm favourite amongst football betting fans.

What markets to bet on

With the huge selection of markets on offer, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start, especially if you’re new to betting. As part of this guide on how to bet on Euro 2024, outlined below are some of the most common Euro 2024 betting markets, with an overview of what each one means.

Euro 2024 winner betting

Betting on the Euro 2024 outright winner is the most popular and probably the easiest market to bet on. You’re betting on who you think will win the tournament, so pick someone you think has a good chance of beating everyone.

England are one of the favourites to win the tournament, alongside France, Spain, and the hosts of the competition, Germany.  Of course, upsets can happen, such as in 2004 when Greece shocked the footballing world and beat Portugal 1-0 in the final.

The best way to pick who to bet on to win Euro 2024 is to look at the groups that each team has been drawn in, and who they might face if they finish 1st or 2nd in their group; this will then give you an idea of how likely they are to progress into the later rounds of the competition.

You can also place each way bets on the Euro 2024 outright winner, which means to finish either win the tournament, or at least to reach the final. If you bet on a team to win but as an each way bet, you’ll get half the odds, so for example if you bet on France to win at 4/1 each way and they lose in the final, you’ll get paid out at odds of 2/1.

Euro 2024 top scorer

Betting on Euro 2024’s top scorer is another relatively easy market to bet on. Euro 2024 will be host to some of football’s biggest attacking talents, with the likes of Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe likely to be in the running for the golden boot (the award given to the tournament’s top scorer).

Typically the top scorer tends to get 3-6 goals in total, and often some lesser-known names are amongst the top scorers – at Euro 2020, Patrik Shick from The Czech Republic was joint top scorer alongside Cristiano Ronaldo with 5 goals, so it may be worth looking outside the household names and place a small each way bet on Gianluca Scamacca or Cody Gakpo, who you’ll likely get high odds to be the top scorer at Euro 2024.


If you don’t want to bet on the Euro 2024 winner, most bookmakers offer ‘special’ markets when it comes to major tournaments, which can include the following:

  • Every team to score 2+ goals in the group stages.
  • Total number of goals scored during the group stage.
  • Total number of tournament goals
  • A player to have a certain number of shots on target.

The markets can vary significantly depending on the operator, so be sure to check the specials markets for your chosen bookmaker. These sometimes have high odds making them ideal for small, low stakes betting.

Bet types

Whilst there are several different bet types out there, differing in complexity; (such as system bets), use the guidance below to see what types of bets you can place on Euro 2024, and examples of when you might use them.

Single Bet – This is the easiest bet to place – you simply bet on who you think will win a game, for example “England to beat Serbia”. If England win the game, you win.

Double Bet - A bet involving two selections in different events. Both must win for the bet to succeed. An example of this is betting on Hungary to beat Switzerland, and Spain to beat Croatia on the second day of the tournament.

Accumulator (Acca) Bet – An acca is several single bets combined together, where all ‘legs’ have to win for you to win.

Handicap Betting – this is when the favourite to win starts with a handicap, and where you’ll get greater odds when one team is the favourite to win, for example Germany face Scotland in the opening game of the tournament and are more likely to win the game. You can bet on Germany -1, which means they must win by two goals for this bet to come in, but you’ll typically get higher odds than just betting on Germany to win.

Over/Under goals – you can bet on the number of goals scored, usually measured in 0.5 increments, for example “over 1.5 goals” means that two or more goals must be scored for this bet to win.

These bet types offer a range of options for bettors, from simple to complex, catering to all levels of betting expertise.

Things to consider when betting on Euro 2024

When it comes to betting on Euro 2024, there are a few additional things to look out for:

In play betting

In-play betting involves placing bets on various aspects of a match while it is in progress.

Unlike traditional betting, which requires all bets to be placed before the event starts, in-play betting allows for bets throughout the duration of the match. We’ve looked at in-play betting in more detail below.

There are often hundreds of different in-play betting markets available, such as:

Next Event: Betting on the next event in a game, like the next goal in football, or a throw-in to be taken during a certain time frame.

Score Bets: Wagering on the final score of the match.

Performance Bets: Bets on individual player performances, such as the next goal scorer, shots on target, a penalty to be awarded during the game or a player to be carded.

Advantages of In-Play Betting

There are several advantages to betting in-play; with the main ones outlined below:

Engagement: In-play betting can help keep you engaged during a match, as you’ll be paying attention to what’s happening during the game. Information Based: You can use the ongoing match information and dynamics to make more informed betting decisions, such as if a player is likely to get booked, or which team looks more likely to score.

Different markets:  In-play betting often provides different markets to bet on throughout the game, with most operators changing the markets on offer every 10 minutes.

In-play betting adds an exciting dimension to sports betting, offering real-time engagement with the sporting event. However, it requires quick thinking, discipline, and a good understanding of the sport.

Always bet responsibly and within your limits.

Cash out

Cash out has been around for a few years now but is a great way to ensure that you can take profits from a bet. Cash out is a feature that allows you to settle an open bet during an event.

If for example, you placed a £10 bet on England to beat Serbia, and they’re winning with 20 minutes to go, you might want to cash out your bet to avoid losing if Serbia were to equalise.  If you placed a bet at 11/4, this would have returned £27.50.  The bookmaker might offer £18 for you to cash out, meaning you make an £8 profit rather than £17.50.

Cash out values will fluctuate throughout a football match, depending on the run of play, if there’s a goal scored, or if for example a player is sent off, as the team with more players is more likely to win the game.

Most bookmakers calculate their cash out offers differently, but typically it can depend on factors such as:

  • The odds on the bet winning at that time.
  • How long is left of the event?
  • Your stake and how likely the bet is to win (for example, if you have an accumulator with 4 teams to win on, with three teams winning and 1 of the bets is losing, your cash out offer is likely to be lower than if three were winning and one was drawing)

You may notice sometimes that cash outs are temporarily suspended – this can often be due to something happening during the match that can have an impact on the final result, such as a goal, free kick, penalty or corner. The bookmaker will suspend the bet until what stopped the game has been completed, and then the price will be adjusted accordingly.

You will also sometimes find that some bets aren’t available for cash outs; this can be certain markets that the bookmaker has selected before a game, and you will just have to wait for the end of the game to see if you win or not.

Be Gamble Aware

Bestbettingsites.com is committed to ensuring that people gamble responsibly, and strongly recommend that you only gamble what you can afford to lose. If you ever feel that your gambling has become problematic, help is available. You can call the National Gambling Helpline for free, 24 hours a day on 0808 8020 133, or live chat is available via the GamCare website

If you suffer from a gambling problem or suspect somebody you know does, you can also call the National Gambling Helpline at 0808-8020-133 or visit these organisations for free gambling addiction resources:


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