Friend of murdered stab victim inspired to host free festival for Yorkshire teens

Teenagers aged 15 to 17 in Yorkshire are among those invited to a new free-to-attend residential festival taking place in Doncaster over the Easter weekend.

The Kingswood Residential Activity Centre in Dearne Valley, Doncaster is to host a residential festival of inspiration and learning for 15 to 17 year olds. The Loud Speaker Easter Weekender is the brainchild of Calvin Eden, who's best friend was tragically murdered, aged just 15. Calvin and Oba Akinwale founded Loud Speaker in 2019 to provide young people with opportunities to get a better start in life after having difficult upbringings themselves and are now bringing their live events to the region. The four night event is happening over the Easter weekend, from Friday 29th March to Tuesday 2nd April and is part of six such free events over that weekend, with others happening in North Wales, Kent, Northumberland, the Isle of Wight and Norfolk.

The Loud Speaker events are a collaboration with NCS, who are fully funding the programme, to ensure full accessibility to 15 to 17 year olds from all backgrounds and are even laying on free transport to and from the event from pick-up points from as far away as Birmingham and Liverpool as well as Leeds and Barnsley, in a bid to widen the network of attendees. NCS is supporting Loud Speakers' goals of making motivation cool, learning exciting and developing teenagers' social skills and confidence around others.

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All of the on-site activities are split into outdoor activities, game-changing workshops, and evening activities.

Calvin Eden and Oba Akinwale are the founders of Loud Speaker Easter WeekenderCalvin Eden and Oba Akinwale are the founders of Loud Speaker Easter Weekender
Calvin Eden and Oba Akinwale are the founders of Loud Speaker Easter Weekender

Each site has a variety of outdoor activities, ranging from archery and climbing to zip lines and high ropes.

The workshops will be focused on building life, employability and enterprise skills. Topics covered include communication skills, marketing, personal branding and even start up business coaching.

Finally, the evenings are where things get crazy... Loud Speaker Bingo, The Big Quiz and the Easter Weekender Festival offer the opportunity for young people to have fun and make meaningful connections.

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In all, up to 2,000 teens will collectively attend the events with 300 to 400 expected at each venue. Teens aged 15 to 17 are encouraged to sign up for the last remaining places for the event at