Unleash romance with a variety of romantic date ideas in Yorkshire

A captivating and enchanting destination, nestled in the heart of northern England, Yorkshire, with its amazing landscapes, rich cultural heritage and charming town that can spark any love connection.

Heart Bingo has created a list of 101 date ideas to keep the love connection even after Valentine’s Day. We have selected a few ideas below to show you just how easy it is to celebrate your love not only on special occasions but every day.

Whether you like intimate moments at home, urban adventures, romantic outdoor activities or over-the-top luxury experiences, the curated list features ideas to suit any mood. Explore the possibilities and create lasting memories right in the heart of Yorkshire.

Romantic outdoor activities:

Unleash Romance with a variety of romantic Date Ideas in YorkshireUnleash Romance with a variety of romantic Date Ideas in Yorkshire
Unleash Romance with a variety of romantic Date Ideas in Yorkshire
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For the adventurous lovers, Yorkshire offers an array of outdoor activities that are suited for romance, from hot air balloon rides to scenic hikes through the countryside, couples can embark on adventures to keep the spark alive.

Hot air balloon rides

Choose an adventure of a lifetime and tick off an “out of this world adventure” by booking a hot air balloon ride, making your day one to remember.

Yorkshire Balloon Flights gives you the opportunity to plan a special exclusive flight for two, premium anytime flights or a weekday sunrise flight. A pioneer in the world of hot-air ballooning, the company was founded by the late Tom Donnelly. Over time, once an unconventional pursuit, hot air balloon rides have evolved into a sought-after experience for individuals commemorating special occasions or seeking the pleasure of a panoramic view across diverse landscapes.

County fairs and festivals

The skies are not for everyone, the county fair or a festival are also a great way to explore the York countryside and keep you grounded.

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The Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival is the perfect way to enjoy a weekend full of festivities. From whiskey workshops, pop-up restaurants, cookery school and many more experiences throughout the weekend. The festival offers weekend access as well as day tickets, giving you and your partner the flexibility to enjoy your outing at your own discretion. The Festival is on from 19 July till 22 July 2024. Check out the site for further details to book a special day or weekend of fun here.

County fairs and festivals are a great way to connect amongst people, with many options available, another festival is the Ilkley Food and Drink Festival, taking place from 15 - 16 June 2024. Enjoy delicious international street foods, artisan markets, free live entertainment, cooking demonstrations and a whole lot more. Tickets can be purchased here.

Get lost in a maze

Taking part in an outdoor activity is not only healthy but a great way to reconnect with your partner. Why not get lost in a maze? You will be amazed at some of the places you are able to explore in Yorkshire.

Try the Magical Maze, a giant yew tree maze filled with surprises at every turn. The 8-foot-high labyrinth has over two miles of paths for both of you to explore. The largest evergreen maze in Yorkshire offers fun surprises such as a unique sculpture at the heart of the maze and a revolving stainless-steel globe.

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You can also have an a-maze-ing day out at the York Maze, known for its maize maze and many other interesting and fun activities to keep you occupied.

An outdoor adventure may not be to your taste, why not try something more urban and intimate?

Urban Romantic Adventures for Two:

Pottery Class

A couples pottery class for two is a great way to connect with your partner. Uniquely local experience provides a Private Date Night Pottery Throwing Session for Two in Tadcaster near York. Take part in a private class where you and your partner can have a private and intimate session moulding and creating pieces for you to enjoy.

Local farmers market

Locally sourced food can put anyone in a great mood. The key to anyone’s heart can be through food, and what better way to explore food than with your partner. Immerse yourselves in the York culture and tastes. Try out the Yorkshire Farmers Market and catch them at their next available date on 8 March to explore fresh and organic produce sourced from local providers.

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There are many markets that are open to the public located in both the city and towns in York, within the city you have a wide range of markets to choose from, such as the Leeds Kirkgate Market, which runs from Monday to Saturday between 8am to 5:30pm. One of the largest indoor markets in Europe, you are treated to fresh food, fashion, drinks and a whole lot more.

Spoiling your loved one is something you can do for 365 days and not just wait for Valentine’s Day, you can see all the romantic date ideas curated by Heart Bingo from this list.