Gripping new novel set during the 1984 Miners’ Strike

The Beautiful Love Songs of Jenny Rennes is a fast moving, politically engaged novel that weaves easily between an enthralling love story and an absorbing who-done-it crime teaser, whilst giving a fascinating insight into the political and social landscape of 1980s Britain hit with record unemployment, factory closures, homelessness and public spending cuts that bear such an uncanny resemblance to Britain today.

The Beautiful Love Songs of Jenny Rennes, is a new novel about the power of love and decency enduring in a society thwarted by lies and deceit amongst those in public office and the media.

It is summer 1984. Theo is a PR executive for the Tory Party and is sent to report on the mass picket at Orgreave Coking Plant during the Miners’ Strike. There he witnesses the police’s brutal treatment of the miners’ picket, and the media’s distorted coverage of events, during what became known as, The Battle of Orgreave.

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The incident throws him into a state of disillusionment and he takes time off to reassess his life at the small seaside town of Wissant in Northern France. There he comes across Jenny by a chance meeting on the sand dunes, allured by her beautiful singing voice he falls easily in love and believes this time he has finally found a true soul mate.

new novel out nownew novel out now
new novel out now

Meanwhile the young call-girl Sasha is brutally attacked by the mysterious night prowler who has been assaulting prostitutes in the Kings’ Cross area of London. Her life hangs in the balance in intensive care.

Theo was one of Sasha’s clients and worse still his crazed message pleading to see her again is the last one recorded on her answer machine the night of her attack. He is taken in for questioning immediately on his return from France and in the confusion he loses Jenny’s telephone number. Will he be released but how will he find Jenny again?

Paperback Out Now. Available from Amazon Price £7.50 also available in download Kindle format.

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