Ex-Bucks Fizz members lose name battle

Three members of Bucks Fizz said they are “extremely disappointed” at a court ruling which stops them using the band name.

One member of the original line-up Bobby G, whose wife Heidi Manton owns the trademark, took legal action to stop Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston performing as “The Original Bucks Fizz”. They in turn challenged his use of the name Bucks Fizz, claiming it was misleading to fans.

A ruling was made last week that Bobby G, real name Robert Gubby, can carry on using the name, and that the other three should stop calling themselves “The Original Bucks Fizz”.

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Dean Dunham, the solicitor representing Baker, Nolan and Aston, said: “Clearly the band is extremely disappointed in this decision and we will be immediately appealing it through the High Courts to get this decision overturned.

“We believe the decision is not correct in law as we have clearly shown that the public are indeed misled by the use of the Bucks Fizz trademark by its owner Heidi Manton and her husband Robert Gubby and, with this being the case, the trademark should have been revoked.”

During the hearing on July 15, Mr Dunham argued that Bucks Fizz fans had been left “disappointed” to discover the band had only one member of the original line-up.

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