Channel 5 drama Anne Boleyn that was filmed in Yorkshire will air next month

A Channel 5 period drama which was filmed at a medieval castle in North Yorkshire will premiere next month.

Bolton Castle in Wensleydale features in several scenes of the three-part psychological thriller ‘Anne Boleyn’, including the one depicting the ill-fated Queen’s execution.

The show will premiere on Channel 5 at 9pm on June 1 and air across three consecutive nights.

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Jodie Turner-Smith stars as Henry VIII’s second wife in the mini series, which explores the final months of the Queen’s life from her perspective, as she struggles with Tudor England's patriarchal society and tries to secure a future for her daughter before she is executed in 1536.

Speaking earlier this month, she said: "There's so much about Anne’s legend that people believe – whether it's that she was a witch, she had six fingers, or that she had an incestuous relationship with her brother – we've seen all these things portrayed in popular culture.

"I think that for the most part we've seen (Anne’s) story told through the lens of the other people around her.

“But this time we are trying to tell a more human story about this figure who really was just a woman trying to survive in her time and in many ways, as a woman before her time.”

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Yorkshire-born White House Farm star Mark Stanley, who began acting at Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley, plays the notorious king in the period drama, which is directed by Lynsey Miller.

Kris Hitchen, known for his role in Sorry We Missed You, plays Anne Boleyn’s Uncle the Duke of Norfolk, and James Harkness, who had a leading role in BBC drama The Victim, plays Constable of the Tower William Kingston.

The show, which was commissioned by Channel 5, has been produced by BAFTA nominee Faye Ward and Hannah Farrell, from the TV and film production company Fable Pictures.

The 14th century castle, near Leyburn, is known as one of the best preserved medieval castles in the country and it has been in the Tom Orde-Powlett’s family since it was built in 1399.

The gardens of the castle opened in March after the lockdown restrictions were eased and the castle, tea room and shop will reopen to the public on May 17.