Ed Miliband says he turned down Strictly Come Dancing because he is 'an uncoordinated giraffe'

Yorkshire MP Ed Miliband has revealed he was asked to attend a meeting for a future series of Strictly Come Dancing but declined and said his moves resemble an’ uncoordinated giraffe’.

Ed Milibandon a recent visit to the Ilkley brewery, in Ilkley.
Ed Milibandon a recent visit to the Ilkley brewery, in Ilkley.

The former Labour leader, speaking in an interview about his new book ‘Go Big’ about how communities can change the world for the better, said he turned down the offer.

The Doncaster North MP also ruled himself out as a future contestant on the Masked Singer and said his wife Justine would confirm his voice is a "vote loser".

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He also said he couldn’t follow the lead of Ed Balls and said his dancing was much better than his.

The 51-year-old also said he was asked to do a reality show not long after the 2015 election defeat where celebrities would train to be racing drivers but the show only had one season.

He also said he turned down Celebrity Bake Off and said he’s left the reality TV to other people and he’s ‘concentrating on the day job’ down in Westminster and Doncaster.

The current Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said that he could’ve walked away in 2015 but felt he owed a lot to constituents and there was still much to do in politics.

“I’ve had my fair share of reality TV offers,” Miliband said. “The only thing I’ve done completely away from politics was appearing on the Last Leg on Channel 4 which was good fun. I really enjoyed it.

“I ruled myself out of Strictly in the Radio Times but producers did ask me to attend a non-committal meeting in 2019. The country’s gain is me turning it down.

“I couldn’t follow Ed Balls, he would’ve shown me up. I’m sorry to disappoint people but I’m an uncoordinated giraffe of sorts so it’s not going to be Strictly for me.

“On the Masked Singer, I would definitely lose a lot of votes, because my wife would testify that my singing voice really is a vote loser.”