Fletchers' Family Farm: Strictly Come Dancing and Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher and wife Liz discuss "authentic" series about life on their farm

ITV series Fletchers' Family Farm allows viewers into the lives of former Emmerdale and Strictly star, actor and first-time farmer Kelvin Fletcher, his wife, actress and model Liz and their four children - as they open their home and hearts to share an intimate insight into their rural life.

The series has had an amazing reception by viewers across Yorkshire following episode one.

Now, the pair have spoken at length about letting the cameras into their farm and being “out of their comfort zone”.

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Speaking of the cameras, Kelvin said his family did not find them intrusive.

Fletchers' Family Farm airs on ITV1 on Sunday 15th October 2023 -
11.30am and 7pm on ITVBeFletchers' Family Farm airs on ITV1 on Sunday 15th October 2023 -
11.30am and 7pm on ITVBe
Fletchers' Family Farm airs on ITV1 on Sunday 15th October 2023 - 11.30am and 7pm on ITVBe

He said: “People always say ‘does it feel intrusive?’ Because you have cameras filming your every moment and yes, naturally as actors it’s new territory for us.

“In the sense of you're very much used to working in the setting of an actor, saying lines, standing where someone else has told you and wearing what someone has designed for you.

“But this is absolutely us, what you see is what you get. It’s us living our life and in situations that are quite often.

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"It is new to us so we are out of our comfort zone and we have been brave and foolish enough to allow the cameras in!

"And that is the beauty of the show, that is what observational documentaries are all about and hopefully that will translate to camera and to the audience.”

Kelvin said the show should feel authentic and real to viewers.

"So with that in mind, it never really feels like it’s intrusive”, he added.

"The cameras are there but they are part of the team.

“They have been an amazing team to work with.”

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The show took “many months” to put together according to Kelvin.

The pair were quizzed on what they miss about urban life after moving to the farm.

Liz said she misses family and friends the most.

"But we make big efforts to see them, they come and they will have a huge day on the farm”, she added.

"So we do miss them coming around everyday but we do still have days getting everyone together when we can.

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“It’s also the excitement, everyday it is down to us to create what we do on the farm and what we do with this space and I think that is one of the best things.

"We get the chance to look around and think right, what’s next? Where do we go from here?

"We can start with one thing and completely change it the next day.

"Everyday is different, there has not been a single day that has been the same.”

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The pair have met many new friends in the farming community.

Kelvin said: “The community has been absolutely incredible, they are so welcoming. They are old school but open minded.

"In many respects, stuck in their ways but yet they are the most open minded and accepting people I have ever met.

"It was so refreshing for two newbies who are actors and have a camera following them.

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“For them to still be so welcoming, I have never really felt like I don’t belong here.”

Liz echoed his point and added: “People always stop us and say we love what you are doing and they can see the passion and we get genuine support from them and that really takes our breath away sometimes.

"You know someone’s family may have been in farming for hundreds of years and they’ve just said they love what we are doing, that is a great moment and feeling to have.

"It is so special.”