Maxwell Thorpe: Britain's Got Talent favourite who started life as a busker in Yorkshire

The Britain's Got Talent audition for an operatic busker from Yorkshire 'felt like something out a Shakespearean film'.

Maxwell Thorpe, from Sheffield, is the bookies’ favourite to win this year after wowing judges and the audience with his belting performance of opera classic Caruso.

In the episode aired on ITV on May 21, the 32-year-old was sent off with four yeses and a standing ovation.

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Now, Maxwell says standing on stage before the BGT audience felt like “performing to the masses” like in the olden days of opera or Shakespeare.

Maxwell Thorpe on Britain's Got Talent (Credit: Syco/Thames)Maxwell Thorpe on Britain's Got Talent (Credit: Syco/Thames)
Maxwell Thorpe on Britain's Got Talent (Credit: Syco/Thames)

He told BBC Radio Sheffield: “The Britain’s Got Talent audience are like nothing other I’ve performed in front of ever. They’re right behind you from the word go. It’s like of like a carnival atmosphere.

“It made me think, ‘is this was it was like back in the day when you were performing for the masses, like in a Shakespearean film?’.

"I heard back in the day if you were an opera singer and you got a note wrong they booed at you.”

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Maxwell shared how he was busking for nine years before his friends and family encouraged him to step on stage for the national talent show.

He said: “I started busking in Bakewell in the summer of 2012 at the Monday market and on weekends. After that, I kind of branched out a little bit. I got a bit brave and went to Chesterfield Market, and after that I came back to Sheffield.

“I just didn’t think it would go down well in cities. I don’t know why. After that I thought I would go travelling with it. It’s been a journey.

"The performance was kind of a dream really. I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of Simon Cowell and the rest, it was surreal really.”

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Despite his obvious nerves on stage, the 32-year-old classically-trained opera singer performed the emotional song flawlessly, creating a jaw-dropping moment.

Simon Cowell said: “My god, that was extraordinary. I mean, seriously, you were so shy and quiet, and then that happened.

“Your passion and obviously your voice and just you made it incredible. It's like one of those movies - this wasn't supposed to happen. This was brilliant, amazing.”