North Yorkshire Sam Brown actor stars in new TV drama The Window

A young actor from a North Yorkshire town plays the lead role in a new TV drama.

North Yorkshire actor Sam Brown
North Yorkshire actor Sam Brown

Sam Brown stars in The Window as Jordan a talented young footballer from a working class family in Merseyside who is trying to navigate the murky world of professional football.

The 24-year-old, from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, who also appeared in the hit Netflix show Sex Education, said the 10-part series will air later this year.

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It was filmed on location in Belgium, the UK and Malta in 2020 and the trailer was released earlier this week.

He said: “It feels amazing getting to finally see the trailer. It’s been nearly a year since we wrapped filming and this has been my first time getting to see any of our work. It was a big nostalgia trip, it brought back so many lovely memories of filming.

“It was great getting to see it but it felt even better that I could finally show people what I’d been working on all this time. My family and friends have been dying to see it – It’s been so long I feel like a lot of them thought I was lying about it all.

He added: “The reaction has been way better than I ever imagined. Everyone has been so lovely about it and they all genuinely seem excited for it to come out.

“The response has been great from not only my friends and family but from my friends in the industry. Hopefully it’ll be as well received when the show comes out, later this year.”

Mr Brown graduated from the Acting & Creative Practice course at the University of Northampton in July 2019, after he attended Stockton Riverside College.

He also revealed he has been working on “something pretty special since March” but is unable to reveal any more details.