The Yorkshire Vet series 17 episode preview: Puppy has been named Britain’s luckiest dog in Channel 5 show’s next episode after freak accident left her trapped in a tiny wall gap in Huddersfield

The next episode of The Yorkshire Vet will see a seven-month-old puppy escape death after a freak accident left her trapped in a tiny gap in a wall in Huddersfield.

Lulu, a wolfhound puppy, has been hailed Britain’s luckiest dog after a freak accident left her trapped in a tiny gap in a wall fighting for her life – her rescue will be shown in the next episode of The Yorkshire Vet.

The accident happened after seven-month-old Lulu was frightened while walking on a canal path near Huddersfield with owner Niki Littlewood and ran off.

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Nikki said: “She was spooked by some other dogs and just ran, we then spent an hour and 20 minutes looking for her and posted appeals on social media, we couldn’t find her anywhere and were beside ourselves.

Niki with her puppy Lulu. (Pic credit: Channel 5)Niki with her puppy Lulu. (Pic credit: Channel 5)
Niki with her puppy Lulu. (Pic credit: Channel 5)

“Then we heard her whimpering and found her trapped in between a dry stone wall, the gap was so narrow you couldn’t even put a foot across it and it was around five feet deep, she was lying on her back with her whole body stretched along the gap, we had no idea how to get her out.”

She said she believes Lulu ran home and the large gates to the property were closed so Lulu jumped a neighbour’s fence to make for home and then attempted to jump a large wall, missed and fell backwards hitting her head and lying unconscious for over an hour.

Niki called vet Rohin Aojula from Donaldson’s Vets Emergency Hospital in Huddersfield, who rushed to the scene with auxiliary vet nurse, Beth Croxford.

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Rohin said: “A young dog called Lulu, a big Irish wolfhound puppy, got wedged in between a dry stone wall and was trapped, we didn’t know if she’d broken her back, there was a risk the wall could collapse and it was an absolute nightmare situation, just when you think you’ve seen it all there’s always something else that comes along and surprises you, it’s just the most unusual emergency call I’ve ever had.”

Niki and Rohin with Lulu the puppy. (Pic credit: Channel 5)Niki and Rohin with Lulu the puppy. (Pic credit: Channel 5)
Niki and Rohin with Lulu the puppy. (Pic credit: Channel 5)

Rohin said: “Lulu was in such an awkward position she could have had a broken back and any sudden movement could have caused severe injury.”

To rescue Lulu, Rohin had to inject her with a sedative into her muscle to relax her as she was panicking so they could start the rescue operation, which was caught on cameras by producers from Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet.

Niki had also called out builders Scott Taylor, Paul Staples and Paul Watson, to dismantle the wall to get Lulu out and the operation was carefully timed so the builders could start taking the wall down near Lulu once the sedative had worked.

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Once they reached Lulu she was carried out from the gap in the wall and rushed into the veterinary hospital.

Rohin said: “We had no idea at that stage of how Lulu might have been injured, it could have been horrific, the way she was trapped was awful, without sedation and dismantling the entire wall she was just going to be trapped there and pass away.”

However, Lulu underwent a thorough check up and an overnight stay to be rehydrated and escaped with only a few minor cuts, and was able to go home the next day wagging her tail.

Rohin said: “Lulu is Britain’s luckiest dog, for a dog of that size to have this kind of freak accident and escape with only a few minor injuries is a miracle.”

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Niki said: “I’m so grateful to Rohin and his team and my builders for working together to save Lulu, it is quite amazing she survived the ordeal and we are beyond happy that she is now back with us and running around and enjoying life, she’s the luckiest dog in the world.”

Lulu’s dramatic rescue will be featured on The Yorkshire Vet on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 8pm on Channel 5.

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