TV preview: Jack Dee's Referendum Helpdesk

Jack Dee is fed up with the one-eyed view of politics. 'I get very tired of the argument that politicians are consciously hypocritical and lying,' says the 54-year-old, known for his droll take on the world.

“I don’t think they all are. But inevitably, as soon as a politician says one thing, there will be a newspaper or another politician who can say: ‘Well in 2007, you said the exact opposite’.”

That’s not to say those in the corridors of power are in for an easy ride in his new series, Jack Dee’s Referendum Helpdesk.

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Following on from his 2015 series, which was tied in with the general election, he and a changeable panel of comedians will once again offer their views on a live studio audience’s concerns, this time regarding the referendum.

The myths surrounding the campaign are fertile ground for comedy, as is the term “Brexit”. “Some people are claiming Brexit’s going to affect the weather,” Dee adds. “People have quite potty ideas. It’s like people wanting to go back to calling Starburst ‘Opal Fruits’, and Snickers bars ‘Marathons’ again. The Remain campaign haven’t come up with a catchy title to capture the imagination; ‘Bremain’ or ‘Bray’ doesn’t quite work, does it?”

Jack Dee’s Referendum Helpdesk, BBC2, Tuesday, 10pm

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