Heavy rain causes extensive floods

On this day in Yorkshire

December 29, 1921

Torrential rain accompanied by a gale that could at times be described as furious was experienced in most parts of the country.

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In addition to damage caused by floods, reports have come to hand from some districts of damage done by the gale to property.

Apart from the damage and inconvenience caused by the sudden flooding of the various districts, the rainfall was welcomed by those responsible for the water supplies in some large industrial centres. This was notably the case at Sheffield and Manchester.

At Sheffield the downpours have relieved, to a certain extent, the anxiety which has been felt about the city’s dwindling supply. At the beginning of December appeals were issued by the Sheffield Water Department for the careful use of water. At that time the supply was going down each week and the position was getting more and more serious.

The Bradford Waterworks engineer (Mr L Mitchell) reported that, as a result of the heavy rainfall, the water in the Bradford reservoirs had risen from 112 to 139 days supply.

The flooded Aire at Leeds presented a remarkable spectacle, particularly at the point known locally as the Dark Arches. From the end of the archway near Victoria Bridge, the river could be seen pouring over the Bondman Weir at the sharp turn beyond the electricity works.