Review: Miles Kane

Leeds O2 Academy

Miles Kane’s ascent began when he teamed up with Arctic Monkey’s frontman Alex Turner, to form indie rock band The Last Shadow Puppets. Now a solo artist, the Merseysider has worked with some of the heavyweights in the genre, including Noel Gallagher from the first album, and a recently announced collaboration with Paul Weller – and you can certainly see who’s been inspiring his sense of fashion.

Opening the fifth show in the eight-date tour was Rearrange and Counting Down the Days, both favourites from his debut LP, Colour of the Trap, which prompted a flurry of failed crowd-surfing attempts. Each of the tracks blended into one another perfectly with guitar effects and chaotic synth sounds.

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With a cocky demeanour and frequent fist pumping, he almost becomes a parody of the Gallaghers at times, but Kane also displays genuine enthusiasm for the music he performs to an audience which is obviously made up of adoring fans. This was equally evident as he delivered one of his latest works from the second album including First of my Kind, which was co-produced by dubstep legend Skream. He concluded the show with major hits Inhaler and Come Closer.

Speaking to two fans, they said to me that his latest album was disappointing, but he made up for it live.

I’d have to agree with them. Although at times there were just too many hints of the Oasis about the gig, he still had the packed Academy eating out of the palm of his hand.