Let It Be - review

It’s hard to believe that it’s 50 years since The Beatles last played together as a foursome.

Let It Be is a celebration of The Beatles and their music.
Let It Be is a celebration of The Beatles and their music.

No other rock or pop band in the history of modern music have had the seismic impact on popular culture as the Fab Four did, and their songs sound as good today as they did all those years ago.

Let It Be is a celebration of this remarkable musical legacy and also an unapologetic trip down memory lane.

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It is effectively a show of two halves – the first sees the four performers Emanuele Angeletti (Sir Paul McCartney), John Brosnan (George Harrison), Ben Cullingworth (Sir Ringo Starr) and Richard Jordan (John Lennon) rattle through The Beatles songbook from their early mop top days to their Abbey Road-era incarnations.

They make a decent fist of this and do a good job getting the audience (many of whom grew up in the Sixties) up on their feet and singing and dancing.

The second half is set a decade after the band had split up and imagines what a reunion concert to celebrate John Lennon’s 40th birthday, mixing some of their solo songs with Beatles’ classics, might have been like.

It turns into a good old singsong and is a timely reminder of what made The Beatles the world’s greatest band. Altogether now, ‘Na, na, na, na-na-na na...’

To June 8, Bradford Alhambra.