Mike Tindall praises The Hunslet Club in Leeds on The Good, The Bad and The Rugby with royals Prince William, Kate and Princess Anne

The Hunslet Club in Leeds has been vital place for youngsters to have fun and develop their skills for generations.Now, it has been given a royal seal of approval after being discussed on a star-studded podcast featuring the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The club based in Hillidge Road, has been running for more than 80 years.

But it was praised recently during the popular podcast hosted by rugby union legend Mike Tindall.

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He sat down with William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as Princess Anne, for a special recording of ‘he Good, The Bad and The Rugby.

Dennis Robbins CEO  at The Hunslet Club in LeedsDennis Robbins CEO  at The Hunslet Club in Leeds
Dennis Robbins CEO at The Hunslet Club in Leeds

It came after his visit to The Hunslet Club earlier this year, where another episode of the podcast was recorded with fellow rugby union star Jason Robinson.

In his conversation with the royals, Mike explains: “We’ve just done something with Jason Robinson and The Hunslet Club, which is somewhere everyone could go and hang out and not get in trouble.

“It’s a multisport facility that [Jason] is trying to raise more funds for because it does change people’s lives as it gives them an outlet and keeps them off street corners, keeping them away from doing things they shouldn’t be doing.”

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The endorsement comes as the club is trying to raise more funds for the vital work it carries out in south Leeds. Founded in 1940, it aims to give young people a chance to broaden their horizons and reach their full potential.

Other than serving as a haven for many, it also hosts 112 activities weekly including rugby, football, ballet, gymnastics, drama, majorettes and boxing form 4pm.

Additionally, from 9am until 2.30pm, it runs a vocational training scheme.

The podcast on YouTube currently has more than 1.5m views.

Mike Tindall’s knowledge of the club comes from his friendship with Jason Robinson, who famously scored England’s only try in the country’s World Cup victory over Australia in 2003. He attended The Hunslet Club as a boy.

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The pair recorded an earlier episode of the rugby podcast at the club, where Mike met Dennis Robbins, the CEO of 22 years.

“It's always difficult for a small charity to get that sort of reach,” says Dennis.

"What I liked about it is, the (podcast) that we did at the club was probably a couple of weeks earlier than (the one with the royals) and for Mike Tindall to go away and for it to make an impression on him, that's the bit I liked.

"The fact that he then brought up to the to William and Kate and to Princess Anne, it tells you that something stuck in his mind about what the club does and achieves.”

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It was as a junior member that Dennis first came to the club more than 50 years ago.

He says: “It’s great for the profile of the club too. Our current members can see that a successful rugby player came through as a boy; it gives them an aspiration.”