Review: Trojan Horse - Leeds Playhouse

Unsettling, engaging, thought-provoking, controversial, LUNG Theatre’s Trojan Horse was the perfect choice as the opening play for the newly redeveloped Leeds Playhouse.

LUNG Theatres production of Trojan Horse at Leeds Playhouse.
LUNG Theatres production of Trojan Horse at Leeds Playhouse.

It represents precisely the kind of incisive, challenging work the Playhouse champions.

The verbatim company’s award-winning docu-drama, compiled by writers Helen Monks and Matt Woodhead from 200 hours of interviews and material in the public domain, tells the ignoble story of the 2014 ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal when a number of Birmingham schools were accused of teaching extremist Muslim ideology to their students.

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Leeds Playhouse opens a new studio space where emerging playwrights can thriveIt charts with unflinching honesty the media storm that followed, fuelled by unsubstantiated claims, and a series of brutally inflexible OFSTED inspections seemingly commissioned with the sole purpose of finding ‘evidence’ of a so-called ‘Islamic Threat’.

Trojan Horse is an award-winning docu-drama.

Michael Gove, Minister of Education at the time, doesn’t come out of all this very well, and nor should he – his actions and those of certain sections of the Press helped create an atmosphere of fear, hatred and division.

Review: A View from the Bridge - York Theatre RoyalPerformed by five actors playing multiple characters (teachers, pupils, local councillors, inspectors) with great skill and conviction on a minimal set comprising school desks moved into position to represent a range of spaces and locations, the production is slick, energetic, timely and troublingly resonant.