What she really wants

Now, I like to think of myself as a low-maintenance kind of gal so, when it comes to Christmas, I don't actually want very much. Not really.

Having said that, a Mulberry bag would be fantastic. A Bayswater, as it's a classic. In my dreams, I'd love a pink one, but actually I do see that a caramel brown would be far more practical and it would go with pretty much my entire wardrobe, winter and summer (you see how low maintenance I am).

There are other bags, of course, especially Vivienne Westwood ones (and I would adore absolutely any VW bag), but for less expensive bags, I would head to River Island, especially for bling-tastic ones (most teenage girls would be happy with such an offering, or a glitzy purse if on a budget) and also to Marks & Spencer, where the bag selection is especially good this season, although I prefer M&S's men's bags this winter – check out the gorgeous messengers and satchels because for the 100 mark you can get an excellent classic leather satchel.

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Now, shoes. I could do with some new heels, really special party ones, and ideally, I would suggest my benefactor heads to Harvey Nichols Leeds, where there are some amazing glittery platforms by Miu Miu for 310, and some totally beautiful Yves Saint Laurent burgundy patent platform heels for 530, but if the aforementioned benefactor is not so inclined (and he so is not), then I would point him in the direction of Vivienne Westwood again, where you can buy VW's amazing Melissa shoes for about 110. As well as the VW stores, you can also buy them in good independents such as Daniel in Harrogate (which also has Uggs). I do already have a black pair of the Melissa heeled platforms and they so high and yet so comfortable, made of a kind of shiny rubbery plastic that lets you bounce as you walk (great for clubbing, apparently). Now I want purple ones.

A special mention here again for M&S, this time for footwear – lots of reasonably priced, high quality and very comfortable shoes and especially ankle boots, which are 30 to 40.

Bags and shoes do it for me, but of course there are jewels, and lingerie, from sexy to luxurious cashmere (and that's my tip – sexy can sometimes work out, but we all love cosy).

All benefactors of would-be fashionistas this Christmas take note, whatever you buy, make sure you get the right size. Check the shoes, clothes and especially underwear she wears now. That means you should look at the stuff on the washing line, not hidden away at the back of a drawer.